About ZenYon

A Professional Pencil Sharpener Manufacturing Company

Founded in 2005 by several senior engineers from a Chinese government-owned stationery company, ZenYon Stationery experiences rapid development in recent years thanks to convenient transportation and good production conditions.

Since the establishment of our company, we've been trying hard to provide our clients with high-quality products for competitive price. Our hard work earns us great reputation from our customers. Currently, we ship over 50M pencil sharpeners every year.

  • Comply with the US & EU export standard
  • Accept customized manufacturing
  • Accept complicated toy-like pencil sharpeners manufacturing (e.g. with LED)
  • Sample available upon request
  • We're not retailers, we only accept bulk purchasing

Why Us?

High Quality

We use cutting edge technologies and equipments for our manufacturing to reduce defect rate. For example, we use robot arms to operate machine tool instead of human workers. In addition, we strictly check our products before they're shipped to our customers.


Yes, pencil sharpener is such a small and simple thing. But our team has been focusing on this for more than 10 years. We know every detail about pencil sharpeners.

Online Support

Our customers have access to the shipment track and real-time purchasing statement on our online supporting website. 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. (*Please contact customer support to set up your online account)

Customer Support

Got any problem? Our friendly customer support team is here to help!

Environment Care

Unlike some companies that only cares about money, we care about environment protection. We use up-to-date manufacturing technologies to reduce waste and use non-toxic raw materials. As you can see, this also benefits our customers and ourselves as well.

Competitive Price

We offer product with good quality, at the same time, good price. We try hard to lower down manufacturing cost so we can offer our customers a better price than our competitors do.


Over the last decade, we've designed over 100 types of products. Almost all our customers can find products satisfying their need from our standard products. We maintain a database for products that we're still manufacturing, Take a look!


Got some idea? Just give us your design and we can implement it!

100+ Happy Clients!


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